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Our company puts people first by empowering them to achieve acceptance, dignity, inclusion and innovation. Together we can shape a future that works for all.

United we stand.

We are deeply saddened and outraged by the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the continued violence against Black people in this country. We stand and support those who are speaking out about injustice and racism across our nation. We support voices who recognize that systemic racism must be addressed and see this moment as an opportunity for real structural change. As we press into the future, our company will continue to help both individuals and corporations to successfully push towards surpassing the model for acceptance, dignity, inclusion and innovation for all.

Who we are.

KSWhite Consulting, LLC is a premier human resources consulting, training and development company that offers a distinct niche in the learning and develop industry:  diversity and inclusion. KSWhite Consulting, LLC provides organizations with the alignment tools needed for transformations of their visions and missions. We partner with decision makers and influencers to facilitate meaningful change through shifting focus from processes to looking at the experiences that you want to provide.

Human Resources is more about empowering employees to do their best by supporting them and letting them be their full, authentic selves.

-KSWhite Consulting, LLC

What we provide.

KSWhite Consulting, LLC delivers customized training programs in diversity and inclusion, conflict resolution, team building and other areas aligned with organizational transformation by utilizing a data-driven model to create strategies that enhance or change cultures. As human resource experts, we conduct assessments in hiring processes, talent management, benefits/compensation, and impacts of disparaged treatment. We encourage companies to strengthen their organizational culture, driven by data and uplifted with customized strategies.


The common denominator of all successful organizations is a strong culture. We assess both individual and team effectiveness to create plans that unleash potential and maximize performance.


Metrics drive the success of an organization and its need for improvements that impact both internal and external shareholder satisfaction. We conduct assessments that drive critical changes.


We define, assess and develop leadership alignment and organizational readiness for implementation of enterprise change initiative to create engaged employees, culture change, and to guide diversity and inclusion programs.

How we do it.

KSWhite Consulting, LLC follows a three-phase approach to transformation. We identify business cases that can deliver a series of quick wins. We design programs that support leadership desire to make organizational culture changes. We provide the training and development and other resources to sustain agile approaches and lean processes that organizations need to create a data-driven culture. We provide change management initiatives to embed new mindsets, behaviors and ways of working.

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