​Diversity & Inclusion Training​​
​Dispute Resolution & Mediation 
​​​Research has confirmed organizations that foster the spirit of diversity have happier employees and more importantly, increased innovation through diversity of thought.

​KSWhite Consulting, LLC offers an array of customized courses for individuals looking for tools to expand the professional knowledge base and for companies seeking additions to its current learning and development programs.

We also provide free initial consultation and preliminary assessments for businesses looking to make critical cultural changes as a result of organizational restructuring or to meet federal regulatory standards.
​Conflict in the workplace often leads to decrease in morale, costly turnover, damage to company reputation and expensive, time-consuming legal proceedings.

KSWhite Consulting, LLC offers dispute resolution and mediation, a highly useful service in providing individuals a third-party, neutral solution to the conflict in the workplace by ensuring structured negotiation, facilitation, coaching and problem-solving.

​​While mediation does not always guarantee a settlement, KSWhite Consulting, LLC provides companies with the tools to address conflict at the earliest stages, even before intervention is required.

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​Suited to meet organizational needs, here is a list of just a few of our course offerings.

​During a time when all we seem to hear about is diversity, ​Diversity? ​ provides real-life scenarios and vetted resources to untangle diversity myths. Facilitators create an open forum, addressing issues that matter by recognizing our similarities and respecting our differences.

​Key Learning Objectives: 
1). Untangling the Diversity Myth  
2). Defining the Value of Diversity
3). Improving Interactions Among Diverse Groups

Theme: Diversity, Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, Stereotypes, Perceptions, Teams, Workforce, Society

​Bias: The Word that Makes Us Squirm ​ provides its participants with an assessment that peeks into individual preferrences and addresses the difference between prejudice and bias. This course will uncover how and why unidentified bias hurts in the workplace and in our every day lives.  Facilitators create an open and safe forum for honest discussions.

​Key Learning Objectives:
​1). Defining Bias:  The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
2). Bias versus Prejudice
​3). Recognizing bias to bring about understanding and change

Theme: Diversity, Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, Stereotypes, Prejudice, Perceptions, Workforce, Society

​Do You Hear the Words. . .? ​  is not your basic communication course.  This course gives participants an opportunity to define their most effective communication style and how to best express that style to others regardless of personality type. It aids its participants in accepting others' preferred communication styles and making critical adjustments that contribute to individual success through communication.

Key Learning Objectives:
1). Communication Process
2). Communication Styles
​3). Improving Communication to achieve success
Theme:  Communication, Personality, Styles, Speaking, Writing, Emails, Workforce, Relationships, Conflict Management

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