​​​Dream Setters

​Our ​DREAMS help us see possibilities. Dreams are longings and deeply seated desires. But having a dream isn't enough. Being able to set ​GOALS isn't enough.

The key to achieving any goal is to have a ​PLAN, understand what motivates you, know what steps to take and define a clear outcome of results.

Dream Setters is a program designed to help youth VISUALIZE their future, set and achieve goals while learning to bounce back from life's challenges.
​Dream Setters participants will

  • ​Learn the art of visualization, motivation, action and results (VMAR) by creating vision boards.

  • Utilize the principles of developing S-M-A-R-T-E-R goals  - S-Specific M-Measurable A-Actionable R-Realistic T-Timebound E-Evaluate R-Reward - to create stable and attainable goals, cut into bite-size pieces.

  • ​Obtain RESILIENCY tools need to overcome obstacles and to press through to meet any goal.

​​​Dream Setters

​​​Dream Setters Program is geared towards youth ages 12 and up. 

For any educator, parent, school counselor or anyone who impacts the lives of children, this program is a great supplemental or stand- alone program.

​Dream Setters is facilitated by certified educators and is easily customizable to meet the needs of any group in either a full 4-hour workshop or 1 to 2-hour individual courses.


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